When considering Proximity Marketing, Bernard Beacon Marketing Technology can help your business. By harnessing the targeting power of Bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to bring a variety of marketing messages to consumers who are both nearby and looking to make a purchase.

With smartphones becoming a staple of modern society and the preferred way of accessing digital content, today’s successful marketing professionals will need to understand how to content successfully with mobile consumers. Proximity marketing helps companies and service agencies do just that. It is a form of advertising which involves targeting mobile device users with personalized content based on how close these are to a specific location.

Just about any business or service that is operating from a fixed location can implement a proximity marketing strategy. Major retailers can send store maps, coupons, or offers to apply for their credit card or to enroll in their loyalty or rewards programs; Hotels can inform guests about on-site events and promotions or can offer to enroll them in loyalty or rewards programs; Restaurants can send special menu/daily specials, coupons, offers for loyalty programs, or perhaps send trivia questions or other games to help them pass the time while they wait for their table to be ready; Shopping malls can offer a proximity marketing benefit to their customers by putting together a package of coupons or offer a discount at any mall retailer; and travel hubs such as airports and public transportation centers can provide maps or display ads that can be sold to local tourist destinations. 

Instead of the old marketing techniques (Billboard Ads, Radio Ads, Newspaper Ads, and expensive TV Commercial Ads), Proximity Marketing uses modern technology to pinpoint a certain target audience for any specific business. Bernard Beacon Marketing Technology helps businesses make more sales. And they do it by uniquely placing business ads on every smartphone in the area. Their products include Business Beacons, Digital Cards/Coupons, Geo Fencing, and Chat Bot – which is programmed Artificial Intelligence for Messenger Marketing on Facebook. Chat Bot is exclusive and only available with the Bernard Beacon Marketing Technology Executive Package. 

Through Bluetooth signals, Bernard Beacon Marketing Technology will be able to send content that is similar to a mobile application program which appears automatically on the mobile devices of consumers. While the audience is limited to those in the proximity of the business and those using its Bluetooth signal, the message is very user-friendly and reaches those most likely to visit a store.

Bernard Beacon Marketing Technology offers a unique way to lure and draw new potential customers to any business. This is also a great way to offer specials to your loyal customers. Once a business utilize the business beacons along with mobile wallet pass techniques, a business income can double instantly. Businesses won’t have to pay for newspaper, billboard, radio, or TV ads ever again. 

Times have surely changed. In today’s market, businesses need to leverage new technology initiatives in order to complete with larger retailers / businesses, to help level the playing field. You can rest assure our digital products will keep your business ahead of the game and achieving your business goals. 

So, why are you waiting? Visit Bernard Beacon Marketing Technology today and take your business to the next level.  For more information, please visit: https://www.BernardBeacons.com/ or

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